Childhood Cancer Campaign

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The Optimist International Childhood Cancer Campaign (CCC) has recognized the need to support young people with cancer. In North America alone, cancer is the number one disease┬ákilling children today, taking more lives than asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and AIDS combined. Each year about 10,000 U.S. kids are diagnosed with cancer and over 3,000 will die from it. Through the CCC, Optimists are fighting cancer on a number of different levels. Here in Rochester, Minn., we have a unique opportunity to make a difference in childhood cancer by supporting research efforts at the Mayo Clinic that are dedicated to finding cures for those types of cancer that afflict our children. By supporting the efforts of the Optimist Club of Rochester, you are helping to bring out the best in kids. Participating with a group determined to raise money to support childhood cancer research, you too will be able to say, “I helped make a difference in the fight against childhood cancer.” How can you be a part of the local community fight against childhood cancer? Support the Optimist Club of Rochester in its efforts by entering the Frozen Goose Relay. Proceeds from this event will be used to support childhood cancer research right here at the Mayo Clinic. You can also consider joining the Optimist Club of Rochester and be a part of the local service club that not only supports childhood cancer research funding, but continues to serve the youth of┬áthe community throughout the year with a variety of activities that make a difference in our children’s lives. We look forward to your support of our efforts in this project as well as our work in the community.

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