Frozen Goose FAQs

Q. If I participate, what is the fee?
A. The preregistration discount has expired, but we still encourage participants to preregister to increase the likelihood of getting your desired shirt. The timed 10K fee is $35 and the 5K is $30. A group of 3 or more registering at once (one payment) receive a 10% discount.

Q. Is this a certified course?
A. No.  Distances are approximate, but are very close to stated lengths.

Q. What accommodations are available?
A. Overnight accommodations: Hotel/motel information and other local information can be found on the Rochester Welcome Web site at:

Q. How will the proceeds be used?
A. The funds provided from this event will be used locally at the Mayo Clinic for childhood cancer research and for Brighter Tomorrows.

Q. What is the Childhood Cancer Campaign?
A. It is an international campaign sponsored by Optimists to take on cancer on a number of different service levels. Optimists at the local level and through Optimist International are providing support: To children with cancer

To cancer patients’ families and care partners

To healthcare providers

For childhood cancer research

The funds provided from this event will be used locally at the MayoClinic for childhood cancer research and to help Brighter Tomorrows to reach out to families touched by childhood cancer.
Check out this link

People are unaware of how devastating childhood cancer can be to young people and their families. In North America alone… Cancer is the number one disease killing children today,killing more children than asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and AIDS combined

The incidence of cancer in children is 15 times greater than that of AIDS

Each year about 10,000 U.S. kids are diagnosed with cancer and over 3,000 will die from it

Childhood cancer spares no one-it affects kids from every socioeconomic background

Q. What is the Optimist Club?
A. A local service club made up of men and women dedicated to serve the youth of the community. It is part of an International Organization that has as its motto “Friend of Youth”. We are passionate about promoting optimism as a way of life. Please read our creed to learn more. If you would like information on joining our club, please visit our Club’s website: